Retay Glock 19 Blank Gun +10 Blank rounds


Retay Glock 19C is a replica of the famous pistol Glock 19 model.It’s a semi auto and medium weight model.
It has been used by various police and army forces in training. It can fire gas and signal flare ammunition.
It has a plastic frame and single action semi auto model. There is picatinny rail to assemble flash light and laser.

It shoots 9mm blank ammunition which mimics the sound of a real firearm. It also shoots 9mm pepper ammunition which shoots out a cloud of pepper spray which can help defend you against any threat

It is the perfect tool for self defence and keeping you and your home safe.

Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K
Magazine Capacity: 14+1
Length: 175 mm
Height: 129 mm
Weight: 767 gr
Trigger Single action
System Semi automatic